Jul 16 2010

Across South Africa

Weather has been consistenly cool – low 60’s and brisk ocean breezes at night. Perfect weather for .. say … a drive across South Africa? We rented a car from the Cape Town Airport and (thanks to one of the other guys in the group) made it safely to the hotel. No problems driving on the other side of the road, excepting one “close encounter” in a driveway of a Ford dealer’s parking lot in East London. No harm done, but I sure thought I was getting out of the way. Turned out I was getting “right” in the path of a very determined service driver. A honk and and a facepalm fixed everything and by the time we made it to Durban, I was an expert.

What to say about the drive itself? A combination of immense beauty along the coast of South Africa and imense poverty as one headed inland. Oddly enough, I suppose, there were regions in which they overlapped. Continue reading

Jul 13 2010

Southern Tip Of Africa

I was born near the Atlantic Ocean and I grep up along the Pacific-washed beaches of California. I’ve been to the very top of the planet on the north coast of Alaska and stuck my feet into the chilly Arctic Ocean. I’ve seen where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet in Tierra del Fuego. And, as part of the drive between Cape Town and Durban, we stopped at the southernmost point of Africa where I promptly ditched my shoes and stuck my feet into the Indian Ocean for the first time.
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Jul 7 2010

GER 4, ARG 0

Wow! What a match! Started the day with a quick jaunt to the airport to pick-up our car for the trip to Durban. First time driving on the left – Phil did a great job. Ask me about backing up 300 yards in front of the main terminal and getting blocked by Merkel’s motorcade.

But that evening, after working through the road closures that (not so) conveniently put out hotel inside the security zone, we emerged from the hotel into chaos.
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Jul 4 2010

Cape Town, South Africa

Hey, we made it! Internet is kinda sketchy what with all the tourists and all. But we’ve made it! We’re staying in a hotel about a 10 minute walk from the stadium. The scene is electric and we’re all having a good time. We’re planning a trip around the Cape, all the way to the very tip. Should be a great time.

Enjoy the pictures.

Jul 2 2010

At the Match

Ok, world!! Made it to Cape Town and have my seat in the beautiful Green Point stadium. Internet connections have been flooded, and with trips to Cape Hope and Table Mountain, blogging has taken second place.

If you click on the Photos tab, you might be able to see a few random photos.

Go team!!

Jun 29 2010

Off To World Cup

Tap Tap Tap… Is this thing still working?

Hey, everyone! Long time no chat. I brushed the dust off this ol’ site, took down the viagra ads, and you know why? Because I’m off on another trip. Yeah, South Africa for the freekin’ 2010 FIFA World Cup

Amazingly enough, I’ve got tickets for the quarter and semifinals in Cape Town and Durban, respectively. While the US is no longer in the cup, I have a feeling I’ll be catching some pretty incredible matches.

Now, I wasn’t able to fully recover the old site – most of the photo links don’t work anymore. The photos are still on Flickr, but the links themselves are bad. But the new stuff should appear just fine and I’ll fix the old links when I return.

But first, a four hour drive to JFK and a 15!! hour flight to Johannesburg, SA. Since my last trip, technology has improved a bit. I should be able to do all my blogging via my HTC Fuze. It even has a GPS for those maps I liked. Wish me luck, and they’ll be more posts while I’m on the road. If you want to track the crazy flight, go here.

Feb 12 2007

Amazon, Part I

The End of the Trip

Well, so much for THAT New Year’s Resolution. Over a month since the last update. Sheesh. Until this moment, I haven’t had the chance to really tell you all about the last leg of the trip, the Amazon. Suffice it to say that I am glad that I went and didn’t chicken out. It was pretty incredible!
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