Southern Tip Of Africa

I was born near the Atlantic Ocean and I grep up along the Pacific-washed beaches of California. I’ve been to the very top of the planet on the north coast of Alaska and stuck my feet into the chilly Arctic Ocean. I’ve seen where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet in Tierra del Fuego. And, as part of the drive between Cape Town and Durban, we stopped at the southernmost point of Africa where I promptly ditched my shoes and stuck my feet into the Indian Ocean for the first time.

The guide book I carried was mostly correct. There really isn’t anything to the site but a concrete sign and some series of restaurants with decreasing conditionals. We passed “The Southernmost Full-Menu Authenic Italian Restaurant”, saw the “Southernmost Italian Restaurant in Africa”, then the “Sothernmost Pizzaria in Africa” and when we passed the “Southernmost Restaurant in Africa”, we knew we were getting close.

After looking at the very well preserved lighthouse, we headed down the gravel road (drive on the left…drive on the left…) to the parking lot and spied the southern tip.

The site was rocky and cold, the waves smashed upon some very sharp, very ship-eating rocks. I understand why getting around this coast must have been a real challenge.

To the mental strains of “America, The Beautiful”, the three of us climbed upon the pedestal, and unfurled the American flag one of us had carried. And for a brief few minutes, we were the “Southernmost Americans Celebrating their National Holiday in Africa.” Not a bad way to spend the Fourth of July.

Next stop, Durban via the Garden Route.

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  • aunt beth Says:

    Hey, Jesso! So fun to be with you on the road again. Keep those cards and photos posting…XXOO Aunt Beth

  • aunt beth Says:

    PS Please give us a word or two on the weather? It has been 90+ degrees here and no rain (except a ten minute downpour this afternoon…no…wait…I think that was just the humidity condensing). I can hardly imagine that it’s hotter where you are!

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